Recently we went on a food trip down south and had a chance to eat one of the best Hock Chew cuisine in Sitiawan. With the recommendation from the lady boss, we ordered 7 signature Hock Chew dishes below.

We absolutely love the taste of this Hock Chew Red Wine Mee Suah, so far this is the best one I’ve tasted which is so full of flavor.

Red Wine Mee Suah

The sweet and sour pork is quite nice as well, love especially the potatoes cut into french fries shapes. 

Sweet and Sour Pork

If you have a chance to go there, make sure you order the fish maw sweet and sour soup and it’s a little spicy, the taste is commendable. Fish maw is also rich in collagen, good to iron your fine lines and wrinkles away, hehe! 

Fish Maw Sweet and Sour Soup

 The following mixed vegetables dish is nice but not fantastic.

Hock Chew Style Mixed Vegetables

I like this Hock Chew fried oyster, goes very well with their in-house yummy chilly sauce. You can buy their chilly sauce in bottles from this restaurant as well. Our only complaint was the oysters were too small for this dish.

Crispy Fried Oyster Omellette ("Oh Chien")

 This preserved pickles pork ribs are a tad sweet but quite nice overall.

Ribs with Preserved Pickles

 Their homemade Hock Chew fish malls were very soft and nice. We enjoyed it.

Hock Chew Fish and Meat Balls Soup

Overall, we were satisfied with the meal especially the Red Wine Mee Suah as we can’t find a good place in Penang that serves this dish. Total bill for 7 dishes came up to RM140 for 5 of us. Below is the address of the restaurant and the map of the location.

Bei King Restaurant

No. 1, Jalan Raja Omar,
Taman Lekir Baru,
32000 Sitiawan, Perak.