If you love shoppping, you’ll notice that things are much cheaper in the US. Unfortunately, most sellers do not ship internationally. So what are your options besides having a friend carry them over to you when he or she travels back?

Don’t fret. Many people do not know there is this service called mail forwarding that you can sign up where you will be given a USA local address to ship your products to. Once the mail forwarding company receives your items, they will contact you to let you know they have received your items and redirect the shipment to you to your home address anywhere. There are different options for shipping at different rates depending what you like.

Many local sellers actually use this kind of service and charge a premium for the products they buy from the US and make money of you 😉 I’ve tried Vpost but was appalled by their lousy service. However, another company that I tried is very good. Their service is superior and their rates are much cheaper than most mail forwarding companies out there. I got my items delivered to Malaysia without any problems.

You can try them if you love shopping in the US. Happy shopping! :-)


I just bought this great value live cable TV and now I can watch 3500 channels on my computer! The best thing is I just to pay USD50 and download the software once and 3500 channels worldwide will be at my fingertips! The only drawback is there is no TV guide but I can live with that. I now can watch all the movies and TV channels from anywhere around the world! I am now watching all my favourite shows live in the US. It’s so cool! Money well-spent! 😉


If you are traveling somewhere and instead of shopping at different sites for which discounted hotels to stay in, you can just go to one site and it compares all the different rates for you! It shows you all the rates for different hotels and you can compare and make the best decision. How great is that?

I’ve been using this Best Hotel Rates Price Comparator for many years and it never fails to disappoint me. I have booked all my hotels through it and never had any problems so far.

There was once that I went to Hong Kong as you know hotels are pretty expensive. I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get a good hotel at half the price compared to the walk-in rate! I only realised that when I checked into the hotel. I was so pleased with that.