Update: This stall has been closed for many years. Food business in Penang is always competitive, restaurants open and close all the time. Even celebrity chefs cannot guarantee their survivals in this “fussy” island. Cheap, good and recession-proof hawker food reigns Β in the end. :-)


If you are a big fan of barbecue pork ribs at Chicago Grill Rib House at Gurney Plaza, be sure to try this Barbecue Pork ribs stall at Times Square Food Gallery. I’ve recommended it to my friends who love Chicago Grill Rib House and all agree that the barbecue pork ribs here taste better than Chicago Grill. The best of all, it is half the price of Chicago Grill Rib House. They now swear by it and stop going to Chicago Rib House and go to this stall instead.

The stall is at the last stall near Nasi Padang on the right as you enter the Food Gallery at Times Square. Time Square food gallery is becoming very popular and fully packed on weekends. Their pork ribs are so juicy, succulent, tender and the barbecue sauce is just perfect to go with them. We also love the charred smoke smell of their barbecue pork ribs. They provide additional barbecue sauce at self service if you need more barbeque sauce at the counter.

The serving comes with 3 pork ribs, 2 small bowls of coleslaw and corn, also mashed potatoes. This would cost RM30.90 in Chicago Grill, but it only cost RM15.90 at Times Square Food Gallery. Don’t you just love the taste and the cost, why pay more at Chicago Grill Rib House?

Here is the map location Penang Times Square.

Hope you enjoy the ribs and share with me your experience! πŸ˜‰

Best Value Barbeque Pork Ribs in Penang

Best value Barbecue Pork Ribs at Times Square Food Gallery at only RM15.90